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Are you a fan of magical fantasy looking for your next book? If so, you are in luck! The Magic Appreciation Tour (AKA Magical Fantasy Books) specializes in fantasy stories that include magic. Our listings give you useful information about each title so you can find a book that interests you quickly.

We list our most recently added books first so you can easily find what's new when you come back to the site, but you can always use the sorting and selection options below to re-arrange the listings.

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Found 214 books

Fifty Measly Bucks (To Save A Witch)

Denver’s one goal in life is to become a fashion designer. Unfortunately, she needs rent money. Why not volunteer for an outlandish time travel experiment? It could be fun and spark new fashion ideas.

But the experiment takes her places she never expected, cutting her off from her dreams and dropping her into the world of a woman accused of witchcraft during the Salem Witch trials. No promised stipend is worth a death sentence and bargaining for her life.

(A Time Travel novella based on dark fantasy tropes)

Novella: $1.49 Dark / Historical Author: Juli D. Revezzo

The Ghost in Exile: A Korthlundian Kronicle

The Ghost is going to hell. Not even the goddess can forgive his sins: assassin, oath-breaker, traitor (an affair with the queen earned him that title). No one can ever learn the princess is his daughter. To keep this secret, he flees to the land that turned him from a simple stable groom into an infamous killer.

His mission now? To find evildoers and take them to hell with him. But when an impulsive act of heroism saddles him with a damsel who refuses to be distressed, her resilience forces him to questions why he really ran from his daughter.

Novel: $3.99 Adventure / Historical / Swords & Sorcery Author: Jamie Marchant

The Shattered Throne (The Kronicles of Korthlundia, vol. 3)

Queen Samantha’s spirit brightens as the festival of renewal approaches. The Ancient Evil that drained life from the land has been destroyed, and life is returning to the joined kingdoms. The birth of her heir gives her even more reason to celebrate. But a coup orchestrated by the unlikely alliance between a freedom-loving count and a fanatical church shatters both her plans and the ancient throne itself.

With her infant daughter missing and death and destruction spreading, Samantha finds herself faced with an impossible choice: save her daughter or her people. Already torn between a mother’s love and her duties as a queen, Samantha learns that an even greater danger threatens: the goddess herself is fading. What sacrifices will Samantha have to make to stop an evil god from taking Sulis’s place?

Novel: $2.99 Epic / Historical / Swords & Sorcery Author: Jamie Marchant

The Soul Stone (The Kronicles of Korthlundia, vol. 2)

A match made by the goddess is threatened by an Ancient Evil.

As Samantha and Robrek prepare for their marriage and coronation, they are met with opposition on all sides. Not all believe that the peasant sorcerer is worthy to be king, and the young couple must perform delicate political maneuvers to prevent the joined kingdoms from breaking apart.

As the church splits over opposition to their union, an unseen force is poised to release an ancient evil that was last defeated a thousand years ago. When the Soul Stone is broken free of its bonds, all life in its path succumbs to its power. How much will the new royal couple have to sacrifice to free the joined kingdoms of its evil?

Novel: $4.99 Epic / Historical / Swords & Sorcery Author: Jamie Marchant

The Goddess's Choice (The Kronicles of Korthlundia, vol. 1)

In a world where the corrupt church hides the truth about magic, the fate of the joined kingdom falls on the shoulders of two young people from opposite ends of the social hierarchy. Crown Princess Samantha’s life begins to fall apart when she starts seeing strange colors around her potential suitors. She fears that she’s going insane--or worse possessed by demons. Robrek is a lowly farm boy with incredible magical powers. He has been biding his time waiting to get revenge on those who call him a demon. Thrown together by chance, they must overcome their differences to fight their common enemy Duke Argblutal, who, with dark magic, is slowly poisoning the king’s mind and turning him against his own daughter. Time is running out for those chosen by the Goddess to prevent the power mad duke from plunging the joined kingdoms into civil war.

Novel: $4.99 Epic / Historical / Swords & Sorcery Author: Jamie Marchant

The Dragon's Seamstress (Antique Magic, vol. 5)

Since Caitlin and Trevor vowed to assist the Otherworld and opened their enchanted antique shop, they’ve seen many strange things. But now, someone comes in asking for a mundane item: kitschy “witches” brooms. Has their magical life returned to normal?

As the couple prepares to host a family gathering, fate intervenes and something they’ve never seen before roars into their life: A creature out of Welsh legend and fantasy: A blundering, somewhat underdeveloped dragon—not at all the type of dragon they ever expected to meet. Forced to undertake his unique challenge, Caitlin and Trevor are perplexed by his demands, but the magical beast is certain they are the only witches who can help him.

Doing so might unlock an ancient hidden secret. Refusing might destroy them.

Novel: $0.99 Contemporary / Urban / Young Adult / Arthurian Author: Juli D. Revezzo

Maldene: Volume One And Two (Maldene, vol. 1 and 2)

Maldene is a world of magic and science, wizards & dragons; but home also to an incredible secret. One jealously guarded by History’s most villainous being: Miro. For centuries his presence has been plaguing the nightmares of gods & men; the world in his thrall, there is no one willing to face him. Or perhaps there is. The young wizard Sabu & his elven friend Eldar lead their companions on a journey to seek a destiny foretold them by a blind gold-skinned gypsy. Fighting a 300 foot dragon is but the beginning of this quest as they journey the globe in search of answers to the mystery of Miro’s villainy and uncover the world’s long-buried secrets. They are destined to lead a new battle against this most ancient of evils, to gather all beneath the banner of a mysterious King & face the unfaceable. 1 problem: Miro is counting on their success

Novel: $6.50 Swords & Sorcery Author: Mark Anthony Tierno

Undrastormur, Part 2: The Great Tree (Undrastormur, vol. 2)

When the roots of the Great Tree are attacked by a plague of monster slugs, Eirik and his companions must destroy the ravenous creatures before they release the Nidhoggr, a mountain-sized dragon bent on bringing death and destruction to all of the nine worlds.

Novella: $0.99 Adventure / Epic / Middle Grade / Swords & Sorcery / Young Adult Author: Roger Eschbacher

Maldene II: Mysteries Of Olde (Maldene, vol. 3)

Of all that Sabu and his companions discovered in the bowels of Thïr Tÿorca, a simple looking map was the most mysterious. An indestructible map in an unknown language that starts them on a quest to seek out answers from the fabled Great Sage at the Foot of the World.
And yet, these answers are only the beginning, for it puts them on the road to the most incredible secret anywhere on or off Maldene. A terrifying awe-inspiring revelation that provides the first clue as to the real goal of the villainous Miro.  Word Count: 375,000
**Pre-Order special: $5.50 now through May 15.

Novel: $5.50 Swords & Sorcery Author: Mark Anthony Tierno


When his first love dies, a desperate man ventures into The Nine Hells to get her back….

Rachel, his first love, the girl who rescued Parius from misery and whom he one day hoped to marry, is dead.

Parius is devastated. He doesn’t eat or sleep. He knows a secret about her death that leaves him wracked with guilt. If he had acted differently, would she still be alive today? Laughing and whirling in his arms?

He only has one chance to regain love and make things right—to travel down to the Nine Hells, where souls go when they die, and get her back. But the Nine Hells is death to mortals, and demons want to feast on his soul. Will the gap between life and death prove too great for even love to transcend?

Prequel to The Dragon's Curse.

Short Story: FREE Adventure / Romance / Paranormal Author: Julian Adorney

The Dragon's Curse

When Princess Esmerelda stumbles onto a secret buried in the depths of her floating city, the God of Fate curses her. Within seventy days, she will die and her beloved kingdom will fall.

If Esmerelda is to survive, she’ll have to unravel the secret of why she was cursed and learn to beat a spiteful God at its own game.

Complicating her struggle is Parius, a dashing stranger with a mysterious past. He’s brave and noble and unpredictable, and she finds herself falling for him. But he has dark secrets all his own, secrets their budding relationship may not survive.

Their quest takes the pair to forgotten magics, beautiful witches in sleepy villages, and the ancient caverns of the dragons. But time is running out. Can the lovers defeat the God of Fate, or will they lose everything they hold dear?

Novel: $2.99 Adventure / Romance / Swords & Sorcery Author: Julian Adorney

Finite Fantasy: A Collection of Short Fiction

A story doesn't have to be long for it to be engaging and fun.

In this collection of ten fantasy fiction pieces, you'll experience the dark tension of "The Rune" and the thrill of evading a monster in "The Obelisk Portal." The next time you are resisting the thought of wading into another thousand-page tome, treat your imagination to these short doses of magical fantasy adventure.

Anthology: FREE Adventure / Contemporary / Swords & Sorcery Author: Daniel R. Marvello

Druid Warrior Prince (Celtic Stewards Chronicles, vol. 3)

Gwenevieve Macken’s well-ordered world falls into chaos as encroaching interlopers scheme to possess both her and her land. Although she’s been trained to spot the signs of inhuman evil in men, the amassing armies take on guises she never expected.

When she finds herself forced into marriage with a foreign Tuatha dé Danann warrior, Gwenevieve must make a choice between her desires, and fulfilling the mythic fate to which she was born.

Novel: $2.99 Historical / Romance / Swords & Sorcery Author: Juli D. Revezzo

Demon Witch (The Ternion Order, vol. 2)

Amanda Clark didn't set out to be a troublemaker. She developed a werewolf exorcism to save her brother Reggie from the lupusdaemon that possesses him. But her new ritual threatens the fragile peace between the werewolves and the Ternion Order, an organization of paranormal hunters of which she's a member.

Kyle Nelson owes Amanda his life. Amanda's experimental exorcism surprised everyone when it actually worked, saving him from becoming a werewolf forever. Now Kyle will do whatever he must to help Amanda.

Trapping Reggie and exorcising him is but one of their challenges. A dark coven unexpectedly sides with the werewolves, defiling Amanda's moon shrine and threatening the lives of everyone she knows. With only Kyle for support, Amanda must choose between saving her brother and protecting her friends.

Novel: $3.99 Adventure / Contemporary / Urban / Paranormal Author: Daniel R. Marvello

The Enchanter King (The Kalymbrian Chronicles, vol. 2)

James Madison Young, American teen, has been summoned to serve as the figurehead King of Kalymbria. Not one to be satisfied with a do-nothing role, he has wrested control from the corrupt ruling council. After solidifying his hold on the reins of government power, he has instituted the first of his planned reforms: abolition of slavery and human sacrifice. A year after his summoning, he now must defeat rebellious former Council members who seek a return to the old ways. Martialing the newly raised Kalymbrian Legion, he leaves his pregnant wife, Julia, to serve as regent, and sets out to suppress the nascent rebellion before it can plunge his country into unbridled civil war. Along the way, he invents powerful new enchanted devices, and meets interesting new allies, dangerous new foes, and a dragon!

Novel: $2.99 Epic / Swords & Sorcery / Young Adult Author: Dave Neuendorf

The Laird of Duncairn (A Fey Matter, vol. 1)

1882 Scotland. The auld alliance betwixt king and fey has long been forgotten. As half-fey Effie of Glen Coe struggles against the greed of mighty lords and to escape the clutches of the queen’s minions, she is thrust into the one place she dreads most—the center of it all.

“I really enjoyed this book… Each character is unique and has his or her own backstory that allowed me to develop attachments to them. The story is very well developed and is told in a way that grabs you from the beginning. As the heroine, Effie, comes to know her race’s past, she develops abilities that surprise herself, her companions, and her enemies. She also learns the value of family and friendship. This book was a great read. I cannot wait for the sequel!” – Amazon Review

Novel: $4.99 Adventure / Historical / Steampunk Author: Craig Comer

Blood and Shadow (The Mage's Gift, vol. 1)

A vengeful mage. A powerful gift. A naive youth.

Sherakai never wanted to become a warrior like his father and brothers. Satisfied with being fourth in line to inherit title and responsibility, he wants only to be Master of the Horse. But on the eve of his sister’s wedding, a terrible gift arrives and Sherakai’s course changes forever. His magic is the key to secrets he does not know or understand, and he must learn to fight to escape a future he doesn’t believe in. Now he must use what he hates to regain what he loves.

Novel: $3.99 Swords & Sorcery Author: Robin Lythgoe

The Shaman's Carving

Elia is tired of her life as a peasant, the young girl seeks adventure and fame. With her best friend, the Baron’s son, in tow, the children enter the forbidden ruins where a gift of magic awaits to be discovered. For hidden deep in the mysterious ancient city sits a totem, a magical carving that will change the lives of all those within the Barony of Riverhill forever. Yet, stalking the children lurks a creature with a dark purpose. A choice lays before Elia, to let sleeping dogs lie or to pursue the mystic arts of becoming a wizard in Shamanism.

Novella: $2.99 Swords & Sorcery / Young Adult Author: Jordan Altman

Lady of the Tarot (Reign of Tarot, vol. 2)


1793: Having escaped the Reign of Terror, Emilie Maigny takes refuge in England and tries to come to grips with the life and loss she left behind. When her brother, Sinjon, returns, a terrifying evil swoops down upon her. Nightmares plague her, providing strange clues ... but to what?

Scottish-born Linton has spent his entire life in luxury, whiling away the hours in intense study of the tarot. He knows the hidden meanings of the cards, but until he meets the lovely Emilie Maigny, he never guessed how important his study might be—to his life, and Emilie’s survival when terrible evil strikes.

A Cypher is all Emilie needs, but what is it? Is Linton the key? He may charm her heart—and he may be her only salvation.

Novel: $3.99 Historical / Romance / Paranormal Author: Juli D. Revezzo

Mourning Dove Locket (Antique Magic, vol. 4)

For antique shop owners Caitlin and Trevor Fulmer, the intrusion of gods and ghosts is an unfortunate daily occurrence. After a young girl offers Caitlin a gold locket, however, she can’t help but notice it’s oozing with paranormal energy.

More significantly, the locket’s owner is surrounded by Otherworld spirits. Caitlin recognizes in the girl all the signs of a budding witch in the midst of a dangerous crisis.

Can she and her covenmates protect the girl and assist her in embracing her powers, before those beyond the veil extract their revenge?

Novel: $3.99 Contemporary / Dark / Urban / Paranormal Author: Juli D. Revezzo

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